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Printing on Cardboard Boxes

At Golden Box Ltd we offer a printing service on all our Cardboard Boxes.

Printed Die Cut Boxes

On our die cut cardboard boxes we are able to print in up to any 2 pan-tone colours. Our die cut boxes are can be manufactured in B-Flute, E-Flute, EB-Flute C-Flute and BC-Flute.

Custom Printed Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are manufactured in house and made from good quality materials. The range of pizza boxes we manufacture is available from 8" to 27". Custom printing is available on all the pizza box sizes we manufacture, printing can be done up to 2 pantone colours. Custom printing your pizza boxes will help your comapny stand out from the crowd.

Printing on Standard Cartons and Cardboard Boxes

We manufacture cartons and cardboard boxes to any bespoke size. Printing is available in up to 2 colours. The cardboard boxes can be iether single wall or double wall, with different grade of materials. We can supply cardboard boxes in B-Flute, E-Flute, EB-Flute C-Flute and BC-Flute - Speacial grades also available upon request.

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